CoCo Nut Shell Halves

Professional Grade Substrate for all Aquariums

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CoCo Nut Shell Halves
Product Code
Pack Contents
Single Half Shell
Grain Size
Approx' 120mm Across
Responsibly sourced drilled hardwood coco nut halves. A firm favourite on which to grow aquatic moss, Suitable for all aquarium types, but especially for those keeping bottom dwellers and shrimps.

Description & Application

Natural drilled hardwood coconut shell halves ideal for aquariums and terrariums. An appealing decor idea that is very popular with bottom dweller and shrimp keepers.

Drilled hardwood coco nut halves offered by Specialist Substrates are 100% natural. Coco nut half will sink naturally and form a great substrate on which to grow aquatic moss for example Java Moss.

Suitable for all aquarium types.

Responsible Sourcing: CoCo Nuts are collected throughout Asia Pacific regions as part of daily life. These shells have been recycled from the manufacture of craft buttons.

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