Waterworn Pebbles - Golden Amber Quartz

Professional Grade Substrate for all Aquariums

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Waterworn Pebbles - Golden Amber Quartz
Product Code
Pack Contents
4kg (Approx' 100 pebbles)
Grain Size
30 - 50mm
Professional quality waterworn golden amber quartz aquarium decor pebbles suitable for use in all aquariums.

Description & Application

Waterworn quartz aquarium decor pebbles in shades of golden amber. Responsibly sourced and 100% natural. Suitable for use in all aquaria types.

These hand selected quartz pebbles are inert and fully rounded making them ideal for creating features in Marine aquariums, Tropical and Coldwater setups alike.

Unlike other white / crystal pebbles these have been sourced prior to the polishing process rendering them completely safe in any aquarium.

These pebbles are exceptionally clean having been washed, graded and kiln dried.

Either retail as packed, or "break bulk" creating impulse purchases sold individually as a pick 'n Mix with our oyster white and dark grey pebbles.

Available Wholesale Only
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Retail Ready
Ergonomically designed, attention grabbing, gusseted pack allowing for maximum shelf stacking density and upright customer facing presentation.

Unambiguous branding and high definition digital printing attests to the quality of the product, whilst the high strength "Grab Bag" with product reveal and carry handle allow for ease of customer selection and uplift.
Pack Size
200mm x 160mm x 90mm
Packs Per Outer
Outer Weight
Pack weight and barcode to product and outer

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