Calico Fan Sea Shells

Professional Grade Substrate for all Aquariums

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Calico Fan Sea Shells
Product Code
Pack Contents
10 Shells
50mm (Approx 2 Inches across)
Responsibly sourced Calico Fan shell substrate decor suitable for use in all kinds and styles of aquariums. Presented in a Marine Arts branded, product reveal euro hanger pack.

Description & Application

Responsibly sourced calico fan shell substrate decor suitable for decoration in all kinds and styles of aquariums.

They're great for laying eggs on for many different species or they could be crushed and used in a calcium reactor for a marine aquarium.

Sea Shells in Aquariums: Shells like these colourful Calico Fan Sea Shells are known as bi-valves. We consider this type of shell to be the best for aquariums due to the ability to clean them thoroughly on all surfaces.

Sea shells offered by Marine Arts are 100% natural. Sea shells are formed naturally from the mineral Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), and will in a small part aid buffering in the aquarium. Suitable for all aquarium types.

Responsible Sourcing: These shells are recycled from staple seafood sources.

Designation: Agropecten Gibbus

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Packaging Specialist Substrates Shell Packaging
Marine Arts branded clear polythene euro hanger pack
Pack Size
120 x 100mm - Euro Hanger cut out 25mm
Packs Per Outer
Outer Weight
Description and barcode to individual packs and outer.

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